My Journey (short version)

So who is Blimpy Girl?

The Blimpy Girl and Honey Man

She is someone who could devour a box of Cheez-its, gobble a Hersey choclate bar and down a can of Pepsi in one sitting without thinking once about calories. And then, the big “M” happened. Yep, menopause along with quitting a 30 year smoking habit. From that point forward, I continued to add pounds yearly.  

This blog is about my 30 pound weight loss journey. Nope, it’s not a blog promoting excercise (though that is a good thing). It’s a blog about portion control and finding recipes that fill you up but are still low in calories and EZ to prepare. Trust me, I hate to cook but have discovered a new passion for cooking in my weight loss journey. This blog shares my inspirations, frustrations, and some great recipes on how I have lost weight and continue to maintain that loss.

I hope you check back on a regular basis to see what’s being served up on the Blimpy Girl menu. I’ll be sharing plenty of tips and a bonus wine section. Lucky me to be married to a guy in the wine business who is extremely knowledgeable about all things pertaining to the juices.


One thought on “My Journey (short version)

  1. Hi Denise, I have already bookmarked your web site! Not something that I usually do but I’m going to be looking deeper into your recipes and reading more about your weight loss, etc! It’s a really great web site and blog that you have here. I’m impressed and I’m going to share it with some of my family members on Facebook. Have a great day!


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